Night of the Horse, 19 Apr. 2008

The club fielded 17 dogs for the opening ceremonies of the Night of the Horse presentation at the Del Mar Fairgrounds Arena. The show wanted to honor firefighters and asked us to participate with as many dals as we could. Debbie Goddard was the liason and handled the details for us. It was a great PR event and the crowd loved us. Member Pam Shank outfitted her dal with a fire engine suit and her Great Dane as a horse with a stuffed dal as a jockey. We marched into the arena and flanked the antique horse-drawn fire apparatus (a chief's buggy, a hose wagon and a steam pumper) during the opening ceremony. Although in attendance at a dog show in LA, members Chuck Davis and Debbi Jones managed to make it back in time for the show. Real dedication to the club! Thanks to everyone who participated! 

pictures by Anne Fomon, Mike Wagner & Boyd Goddard